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I took my French Bulldog, named Pudge, to this AMAZING vet. We had to wait a few hours of course, but the staff was very communicative the entire time. I am very impressed with the quality of genuine care my pup and I received at this place! Every staff member I spoke with, from the front desk to Dr. Sugerman, was extremely kind and empathetic towards us. Thank you for helping out our furry little family member!

Lisa G.

They took wonderful care of my dog, went in for emergency surgery.. They fixed him all up.. it came in under the initial quote.. Happy about all of that. Would definitely go there again. Vets and staff great to work with.. They are organized there during the pandemic and that makes it easier..
Kristy L.

I took my dog in after attempting an at-home haircut that went wrong, they stitched him up and proceeded to finish up his haircut, removing all of his mats and also trimming his nails. I truly had the best experience and they were beyond amazing. I was almost in tears when they brought him out and told me everything they did for him. I would highly recommend them and have found a forever vet for my pets.
Erin S.

This amazing team of animal lovers has been caring for my baby since Saturday morning when he was hit by a car. They have been so gracious and patient with me letting me see him and check on him any time of the day. I know my baby is in good hands and I know he will be home soon. Thank you for being so good to my boy.

Stephanie D.

They where wonderful with caring for my dogs wound. Stitched her up and said call us later and for payment. Having just moved here and needing care I am happy I chose them.

Troy W.

I would definitely recommend Sumner Veterinary Hospital. The staff was all very friendly and the check-in process was quick and easy. Luna was in and out in less than 30 minutes which included a detailed treatment plan for her upcoming surgical procedures.

Tosha W.

A huge thank you to the caring, compassionate staff for helping us say goodbye to our sweet dog today. They got us in on short notice, and took wonderful care of us. Highly recommend them.

Linda B.

Such an amazing place! I have been so impressed by the doctors, staff, and facility. Our poodle was referred here for surgery and now I can’t imagine going anywhere else. It’s also worth mentioning that the cost of the surgery was less than anywhere else we were quoted and they got us in right away. Thank you Dr. K and staff!

Sadie D.

I cannot speak highly enough about Summer Veterinary Hospital. They helped to diagnose and treat my Pug who was found to have a rare condition. They promptly knew the tests to perform and developed a treatment plan to help get my boy into recovery. Thank you!

Josh Z.

We live in Lakewood but all emergency vet hospitals here had 6-8hr wait times . We were so blessed when the 3rd place we went to was able to refer us to Sumner Vet Hospital. These Angels were absolutely fantastic and we’ll worth the drive. I would refer all my friends & family to them. Many thanks for all you did to help our fur baby.
Kathleen G.

Loved it, staff was so sweet and made everyone comfortable. Cats love there & all rescued & definitely amazing place & amazing staff
Arthur L.

They have always been friendly. Professional and compassionate. They have been good to me and my Kitties
Kay N.

I actually called several times over a very short period of time with many questions, the staff was so patient and answered every question I had to the best of their knowledge. They were very professional and kind with me as I was concerned with the ending bill and if I would end up losing my dog or not. I initially thought my EBT had an obstruction as he is 6 months old and may have ate something due to teething. He was in very bad shape, hanging on to life. They showed great urgency when we arrived(Fri) bypassed their 4-5 hour waiting time and immediately jumped to action. Within 15 min of arriving we had found out he was positive for Parvovirus. And he was admitted. The staff and Drs. Would update during his stay and give me updates whenever I called no matter the time. We also ended up paying under the quoted price!! I picked up a very happy and alive pup tonight (sun) I am forever greatful to the beautiful doctors/nurses and staff members at Sumner Veterinary Hospital for saving my puppy’s life!!
Jamie L.

I canNOT tell you how much I love these people. I have three dogs and a cat and have been going to this place for the past 6 years. They groom my animals, they board them when I need to be out of town, and they babysit them if I know I will be gone longer than a full day, and they take care of all their pet needs regarding physicals and routine visits.

My 7-year-old Puggle had a cancerous lump that was removed successfully. The doctors there are true professionals!

The care and love they all have for animals are astounding! I have and will keep highly recommending this place.

Steven P.

During the height of COVID, our eleven-year-old dog was bitten by an off-leash dog and had an injured neck. Due to the restrictions put in place by our Governor, I wasn’t able to go in with our dog but I completely understand why. I appreciate everyone who worked there had on facemasks and that safety was so important. They were washing the door handle each time they went in and out. I got all the details I needed in regards to our dog and the care and compassion for our dog was evident.


Made an appointment here to have my dog’s leg cast for an orthopedic knee brace. The doctor and tech were very friendly and helpful. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good orthopedic doctor.

Krissa S.