We will have your pet looking their best!

We offer walk in nail trims and anal gland expression during the hours of 10am to 4pm, 7 days a week with exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Regular grooming is essential to the maintenance of your pet’s health.

While grooming should be done on a consistent basis, the frequency of which your pet needs to be groomed will depend somewhat on daily routines, coat type, age, and general health. In addition, your pet will benefit from regular brushing to remove any loose hairs and dead skin cells, to rid the coat of debris and external parasites, and to disseminate skin oils that form along the hair shafts.

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Customize your pet’s visit with grooming solutions to help keep them feeling great!

Breed-Specific Haircuts

Regular grooming is essential to your pet’s health as it helps prevent skin issues such as matting.

Baths for Every Breed

We’ll suds away dirt, oil, and debris to help skin and coats of all types look and feel great!

Customized Packages

Upgrade their visit packages designed to target specific needs such as de-shedding, dry and sensitive skincare, and more.

A la Carte

Help care for your pet with essential services such as nail care, teeth brushing, and gland expressions.

Sedated Grooming (Cats)

We provide sedated grooming for your cat for a stress-free experience.

We’re with your pet every step of the way!

From start to finish, we make your pet’s health and wellness our top priority.

Step 1: Check-In
Come on into our office and check in for your appointment. Your groomer will go over your wishes for your pet’s groom.

We will check your pet for anything abnormal and let you know our concerns.

Step 2: Initial Brush & Clip
Each dog and cat are different, and their grooming appointment should be personalized to their needs.
Step 3: Bath
We gently wash your dog’s coat to gently remove dirt and oil leaving them squeaky-clean and smelling fresh.
Step 4: Dry
We use dryers to fluff and floof their freshly cleaned coats to get them ready for their haircuts.
Step 5: Full Haircut
This is where the magic happens. Our groomers work their magic to create a cut and style that fits your pet and your personal style preference.

Our Grooming Staff


AKC S.A.F.E. Certified Groomer, Hair & Skin Certification


AKC S.A.F.E. Certified Groomer, Hair & Skin Certification, Salon Sanitation Safety Certification, Feline Safety Certification